Upcoming Competitions

The Lone Star Shooters Club participates in Youth Shooting competitions that are organized by various organizations such as the Texas State Rifle Association Foundation (TSRAF), Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP), Steel Challenge, and Lone Star Shooters Club (LSSC). The following is a list of the upcoming matches.  **Note that LSSC may not participate in ALL of the listed matches

SASP Match1

Location: Georgetown, TX
October 14, 2023

SASP Match2

Location: Hog Heaven Range, Dripping Springs, TX
November 4, 2023

SASP Match2

Location: Trinity Armory, Cleveland, TX
December 2, 2023

SASP Match3 

Location: Georgetown, TX
March 9, 2024

Texas SASP State Match

Location: Hog Heaven Range, Dripping Springs
April 19-21, 2024 (exact day(s) of LSSC shooting TBD)

SASP Nationals

Location: Marengo, OH
July 15-20, 2024